Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ★★★½

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One film that I can honestly say puts a smile on my face whenever I watch it!

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is one happy, happy, feel-good movie, with some genuinely funny moments and classic one-liners. If you don't catch yourself grinning whenever you hear "Be excellent to each other!" "Whoa"... or "Bogus", you're in need of a funny bone :)

Keanu Reeves is Ted "Theodore" Logan and Lost Boy Alex Winter is his best friend Bill S. Preston who come across as two goofy, unintelligent teenagers who are told by their teacher that they're both flunking history class. To avoid flunking out completely, they are given one last chance to make things right if they can complete a final history report. With no ideas on how to complete it, the future for Bill and Ted looks grim until they are approached by futuristic time traveler Rufus who magically appears from a time-travelling Phone Box.

The premise of the film is absolutely nuts but it's a novelty from start to finish and not expected to be anything more, which is refreshing. Time travelling, high school (almost) drop-outs manage to ace their history report by kidnapping various people from history... totally bonkers!

The soundtrack choices very much reflect the time and the vivaciousness of the 80s with intro track "I can't break away" from Big Pig kick-starting the film with a bang!

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