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I like watching things. And stuff. Oh yeah, I also enjoy wearing pants and eating nectarines.

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  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • Pee-wee's Big Adventure
  • The Time Machine
  • Getting Started

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  • Deadly Prey

    Deadly Prey


    My review of the disasterpiece (thanks, Heidenreich) known as Deadly Prey, a.k.a. Hambo...

    A privately funded mercenary outfit* is led by a man named Hogan (David Campbell), a tough-as-nails Vietnam vet. He trains his men in an unusual way; by live hunting of kidnapped people! I guess that's why it's privately funded. One day, his recruiters are cruising through a suburban neighborhood in their dark green van and decide to grab a random man who was just trying to put…

  • Star Trek: Nemesis

    Star Trek: Nemesis


    "Captain's log, supplemental. What a day! Started out well, with the wedding reception for Will and Deanna. Not all are looking forward to the upcoming ceremony on Betazed, for...traditional reasons, but we'll do what we must. At any rate, things picked up with news of a positronic signal emanating from Kolarus III. Decided to investigate, and I was able to test the new Argo shuttlecraft and its ATV ground unit, the uncreatively named Argo ATV, which does not resemble a…

Recent reviews

  • Abandoned



    Small town girl Paula (Gale Storm) goes to the big city to find out what happened to her sister and her illegitimate baby. Sadly, she finds out that her sister has died, under highly unlikely circumstances. In her efforts to find the baby, she receives help from newspaper man Mark (Dennis O'Keefe) and the D.A., McRae (Jeff Chandler), and also hindrance from shady private eye Kerric (Raymond Burr).

    The underlying subject matter in this (baby brokering/child laundering/child selling) is very…

  • Circumstantial Evidence

    Circumstantial Evidence


    Reporter Jim Baldwin (Chick Chandler) has just witnessed another person sentenced to death in court based on circumstantial evidence. It makes him sick, to the point where he wants to do something that will shock everyone into feeling the same way about it that he does.

    His plan is to show everyone that his friend Fred (Arthur Vinton) is jealous of Jim's engagement to lovely Adrienne (Shirley Grey), whom Fred also liked, leading to public arguments and even a death…

Popular reviews

  • Star Trek: Insurrection

    Star Trek: Insurrection


    A species called the Son'a suffers from a condition that is slowly breaking down their bodies. (think Vidiians, but not as gross) Meanwhile, the Ba'ku live on a planet that regenerates them constantly, giving them unnaturally long, healthy lives. The Son'a plan to take over the planet and, surprisingly, is in cahoots with the Federation to forcibly relocate the Ba'ku! The Prime Directive seems to have gone out the window, and the crew of the Enterprise isn't having it.


  • Violent Saturday

    Violent Saturday


    Three crooks (Stephen McNally, Lee Marvin and J. Carrol Naish) come to a small town called Bradenville, intent on robbing their bank. To get coordinated, Naish cases the bank, Marvin snoops around town, and McNally finds an Amish farm—run by Mr. Stadt (Ernest Borgnine) and his family—where they'll flee to after the deed is done. But they're not counting on the resourcefulness and bravery of the townsfolk, in particular one Mr. Martin (Victor Mature).

    I liked this one quite a…