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  • The Last Voyage

    The Last Voyage


    The Claridon is an old ocean liner on its last legs; it's scheduled for five more trips, then will be scrapped. But, as the narrator says, this will be its last. A small fire breaks out in the boiler room, but is taken care of. However, it leads to more problems which soon threaten everyone on board, including the Henderson family, who will experience more peril than most. Amidst all the chaos is Capt. Adams (George Sanders), whose stubbornness and…

  • Abandon Ship

    Abandon Ship


    After hitting a mine, a luxury liner sinks, leaving few survivors. The ship's second in command, Alec Holmes (Tyrone Power), climbs aboard a makeshift raft with a few people on it.* They soon spot a woman swimming nearby; it's the ship's nurse Julie (Mai Zetterling), who also happens to be Alec's girlfriend. When he gets to her, they're summoned to one of the ship's lifeboats, commanded by the captain. However, he dies and leaves Alec in charge. It will be…

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  • Star Trek: Insurrection

    Star Trek: Insurrection


    A species called the Son'a suffers from a condition that is slowly breaking down their bodies. (think Vidiians, but not as gross) Meanwhile, the Ba'ku live on a planet that regenerates them constantly, giving them unnaturally long, healthy lives. The Son'a plan to take over the planet and, surprisingly, is in cahoots with the Federation to forcibly relocate the Ba'ku! The Prime Directive seems to have gone out the window, and the crew of the Enterprise isn't having it.


  • Violent Saturday

    Violent Saturday


    Three crooks (Stephen McNally, Lee Marvin and J. Carrol Naish) come to a small town called Bradenville, intent on robbing their bank. To get coordinated, Naish cases the bank, Marvin snoops around town, and McNally finds an Amish farm—run by Mr. Stadt (Ernest Borgnine) and his family—where they'll flee to after the deed is done. But they're not counting on the resourcefulness and bravery of the townsfolk, in particular one Mr. Martin (Victor Mature).

    I liked this one quite a…