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  • Hunted



    Having run away from home after accidentally setting the kitchen curtains on fire while playing with matches, 6-year-old Robbie (Jon Whiteley) runs into the basement of a bombed out building. There he sees a young man named Chris (Dirk Bogarde), who snatches up Robbie and runs away with him. Why? Because Chris has just killed a man and Robbie is the only witness. So now he's also a kidnapper and they're on the run. Why did Chris kill, and what…

  • Child in the House

    Child in the House


    Young Elizabeth (Mandy Miller) has been forced to live with Aunt Evelyn (Phyllis Calvert) and Uncle Henry (Eric Portman) while her mother is sick in a nearby hospital. Her father Stephen (Stanley Baker) is not able to care for her for some reason. One day, he sees her at a bus stop and they go to an apartment he's staying at temporarily. He makes her swear to keep the visit and his location a secret. Unfortunately, it will make her…

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  • The Mystery of the Wax Museum

    The Mystery of the Wax Museum


    Wax sculptor Ivan Igor (Lionel Atwill) sees his wax museum burned down by his business partner (Edwin Maxwell), who wants to invest the insurance money elsewhere, but Igor is trapped inside as it burns. Soon after, a horribly disfigured man starts stealing bodies not long before a new wax museum is about to open. Coincidence?

    This is the movie that the remake House of Wax (which I've reviewed) is based on, though I didn't know until after I saw it.…

  • The Old Crocodile

    The Old Crocodile


    Bizarre, somewhat depressing story about an ancient crocodile with an insatiable hunger driven by insatiable greed.

    This is a Japanese animated short based on the 1923 French story "Histoire du vieux crocodile" by Léopold Chauveau. I don't know if this was a standalone short, or part of something bigger or what. The style is quite simple, as is the story; it's like a fairy tale, but a twisted, disturbing one. The longer you watch, the weirder it gets. Fitting that…