Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You

Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You ★★★★

I've enjoyed many of Mr. Lear's shows, especially All in the Family, but I didn't know a whole lot about the man himself. This corrects that deficiency. ;)

I enjoyed how it gave a whole picture of his life, without certain aspects being too short or long. It's a smooth transition from childhood with an Archie Bunker-like father, to TV writer amidst social upheaval, to retiree and activist.

I think my favorite part involved Good Times. New interview footage with John Amos and archival with Esther Rolle reveal how turbulent it was working on that show, partly due to difficulties with the cast not agreeing with scripts, and largely due to the way Jimmy Walker's character was portrayed. (and it's quite understandable!)

Anyone who appreciates good TV should check this out, especially considering how Lear's projects most definitely changed TV forever.

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