Malignant ★★★½

Has all of the weird, flat acting you've come to expect from a James Wan film and the same ugly photography he's been boasting since switching to digital. Wan's elaborate camera moves, dolly zooms and creative vfx shots more than make up for these shortcomings though, as Malignant ends up with some of the most ambitious aesthetics of the year.

I wasn't too terribly impressed by the first hour of the film but the slow roll of weird elements builds into one of the most insane third acts I've seen in a studio horror flick in my lifetime. Bare with the sort of standard Insidious/Sinister feature this starts out as (albeit with a rad psychic detective angle) and you will be rewarded tenfold by the direction the film eventually heads. The cheesy score by Joseph Bishara fits so well; amazing that Wan is still able to make movies as blunt, dumb and fun as the original Saw in 2021.

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