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  • Falling Leaves

    Falling Leaves

    iosseliani's feature debut carries many traits seen again and again in his work: extraordinary flow, unique use of music and urgency of the roving camera are all familiar to fans. subtitles are sparse here but it hardly matters. the director weaves storylines and character interaction visually, building his themes like a symphony conductor. it's magical

  • King of Jazz

    King of Jazz


    goofy as hell variety show format in lurid reds and greens of two strip technicolor. the final section pays tribute to the 'melting pot' that created jazz -- including musical numbers from scotland, ireland, spain and even russia (?) i did hear africa mentioned briefly. guess it was too much to hope for an actual black person to appear. can't say the elaborate production numbers weren't fun to watch but hardly what we'd consider jazz of the period, with possible exception of gershwin's rhapsody in not-blue. the title gives me a laugh every single time: PAUL WHITE MAN KING OF JAZZ

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  • All That Heaven Allows

    All That Heaven Allows


    i braced myself for disappointment at the start of this vaunted classic i've been dodging for years-- but i needn't have worried. it seems that growing up in soulless white suburbia, reading thoreau as a kid and knowing there was something- anything- beyond the nightmare of bourgeois conformity was just preparing me for this moment. i'm still stunned at how hard it hit me. my parents never understood but sirk did, and long before i was born

  • The Quiet Man

    The Quiet Man


    it's been 10 years or more since i last tried to watch this - and found it a garish mess of blatant stereotypes and macho posturing, condescending and far too sentimental. barry fitzgerald's character might as well be a leprechaun in this fairy tale place. certainly the charms of john wayne eluded me. but a dozen ford films and as many years later it's a completely different experience. the green world is a mythic plane - like monument valley or…