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  • Blue Jay

    Blue Jay


    I'm an absolute sucker for these kind of films exploring fleeting romantic (re)connection; and Sarah Paulson! She's magnificent to watch in those long close-ups simply reacting.

    It's simultaneously charming, adorable and heartbreaking. It may be monochrome (adding to the sublime nostalgia running through this) but there is so much colour to these people and their lifelong bond. You laugh, smile and cry along with them. They're older and wiser, yet there's a value to the feelings which you hold onto…

  • Carol



    The film of 2015 that has had audiences, critics and award panels swooning – Todd Haynes’ film of feeling is deserving of all its acclaim. It’s an exquisite, earnest and sophisticated cinematic experience, orchestrated with an immaculately textured touch.

    And what a touch on the shoulder it is that frames this portrait of forbidden love in 1950s New York between Carol (Cate Blanchett), a middle aged domesticated socialite, and Theresa (Rooney Mara), a youthful store clerk and aspiring photographer. Carol’s…

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  • The Lincoln Lawyer

    The Lincoln Lawyer


    This is really entertaining and plays right into my love of courtroom dramas/thrillers. Good score from Cliff Martinez too. But its heavy handed narrative beats undermine some of its more clever turns. The final ten minutes is also pretty rushed.

  • Paperback



    I really liked Bowers' previous film, New Low, which I saw back in 2011. This definitely feels like a rusty b-side to that. Less wit, less charm, less energy, less originality. Once the set up is in place, every narrative beat of 'he should really tell the truth now' is the same, and ultimately there are no consequences to the entire thing.

    In an unfortunate coincidence, it sort of embodies the book which his character is writing in this film:…

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  • My King

    My King


    Never seen a movie so symbolised in its leading man; Cassel continually charms his way back into his marriage after every negligence and dysfunction and destruction and indiscretion (when he stops attempting, the film concludes), and this My King charms its way back into my warm embrace after every little concern I have about it.

    The chemistry between Cassel and Emmanuelle Bercot is magnetic to watch. Bercot is an absolute delight. Overlong and undeniably repetitive, but isn't that what life is?

  • England Is Mine

    England Is Mine


    It can feel for many that life is simply taking and not giving; surrounded by battling forces of unexpected realities and responsibilities. Such is the opening of England is Mine, an overhead shot of waves from all directions crashing into one another. There's no development here, no clear resulting direction of the flow. Life very often feels like we're in this perpetual state. How we handle it shapes our character and our future.

    The enjoyment of this self-aware kinda-biopoc is…