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  • High Life

    High Life


    An anxious viewing experience, this film was visceral in a way that not many things are. The concepts were interesting, as was the world-building. A consideration of human sexuality, imprisonments, and systems of power that fees very unique. Definitely worth a watch, but beware of some very intense scenes.

  • Lifeforce



    The budget on this film means that it’s pretty well-made; good sets, costumes, makeup, and animatronics. The story premise is pretty fascinating, and the integration of space, vampire, and zombie elements is a worthwhile undertaking. It’s too bad the movie got bogged down by its length, pacing, and really problematic gender dynamics. It’s hard to enjoy something that has so many issues, and the film wastes its most interesting character by having her walk around naked or sleep the entire time. Just another film that recounts various fantasies of white men, really. Can’t recommend.

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  • Bound



    Re-orienting the woman’s place in noir, Bound plays on many of the genre’s celebrated elements with fun twists. Watching this again now definitely makes me think about how it sets up hallmarks of the Wachowkis’ auteurism in their subsequent films. Definitely, definitely recommend.

  • Shoplifters



    All the complicated sadness.