Elektra ★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Many years after the events of Daredevil. Elektra has become a relentleas assassin for hire. Her next target is to take down the single father, Mark Miller, and his young daughter, Abby. However for the first time she has begun to doubt her duties so Joe the killer becomes the protector, with powerful mystical henchmen sent by criminal organisation known only as The Order of the Hand, Elektra must put her rigorous training in the ancient martial art of Kimagure (the power to reverse time/see in to the future) to good use.
I know very little about Elektra so I do not know if the story or characters is true to the title character. Elektra is more of a recluse in this film, a hired assassin who doesn't feel as confident or jovial as seen in the previous film, maybe dying is the reason why. I guess being an assassin you need to switch off your feelings so you don't get attached, but what does she do.... 😂. It's only about half way through her friendlier side comes out and she begins to bond with the father and daughter. The plot seems quite weak and the pacing quite slow, it opened up with a quick fast paced target take down then seemed to just plod along until 40 minutes or so from the end when the mystical assassins (typhoid, tattoo and stone) find and attack the family and Elektra and track them into the woods, however this doesn't last long and 40% of the assassins are taken out quite easily. The violence is quite minimal for an assassin based 12 rated film, don't believe there was any blood or swearing throughout. The assassins vaporise when they are killed off, I guess that works when there skills are mystical based, that is the extent of the CGI (along with tattoo who's ink comes to life) it's an OK watch just very ploddy and slow for a marvel film, I guess if this was the start of a Elektra trilogy this is film sits roughly at the end of her origin story and the beginning of her new journey as it briefly shows how she recovered but doesn't really go in to her past after the death and how she became an assassin or who The Hand are, it's lacking detail, action and a semi decent plot. It's definatley worth a watch, but I don't think you'd watch it frequently maybe once every 5 to 10 years once you've forgotten about it 😂

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