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  • Wildlife



    I really liked it, despite a middle that lingered too long in one place. There's something really intimate captured here, and it's staying with me.

  • Venom



    The film has an uneven energy that ultimately suits it to a T. Watching a man become overrun by a duplicitous, self-serving, alien energy? It shouldn't feel like a smooth ride.

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  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    This never fails to leave me spellbound. I watch it start to finish at least 2x a year. Arguably my favorite movie.

  • Blow-Up



    I'm in the midst of watching a season-long retrospective of Antonioni's films & am once again awestruck by the power of his craft. This is many things: a unique exploration of an artist at work (albeit a kind of misogynistic ass); a 60s time capsule; and another entry in the director's canon that shows that not all mysteries need be explained. Essential.