Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Between this and Into the Spider-Verse, I guess if a movie is going to make my “List Of Films That I Consider To Be My All-Time Faves That I Didn’t First See As A Child,” it better contain a multiverse, baby.

Loved this. LOVED it. Was having fun almost every single second of every scene. The audience I saw it with kept absolutely losing their minds. I was having a blast listening to the lady next to me continually say “Oh MY” every time anything weird happened (which is a lot). Just a beautiful, chaotic soup of ideas and character and feeling. Unbelievably good performances from every single person, *including* nonspeaking extras.

It’s just so hard to make a movie at all, much less one that feels this singularly driven by a unique vision that is never compromised, *while still being entertaining.* Even the misstep jokes I didn’t love still felt like they fit within the larger mosaic of Whatever This Is. I have been telling people this is one of my favorite movies I’ve ever seen, begging them to go see it, and I stand by that here, days later, after this should’ve vanished from my mind but still just keeps sitting there, taunting me.

I love this! Gonna see it again!

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