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  • It Grows on Trees

    It Grows on Trees


    Irene Dunn's last picture is a pleasant little yarn, amusingly told. When you are finished tsking at the infantilization of women, you can enjoy the absurdly low prices of everyday things.

  • The Girls in the Band

    The Girls in the Band


    Great storytelling, rich interviews, footage and audio. You don't have to know anything about jazz going into this film, and you will know a lot more coming out. Start building your playlist.

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  • Torch Song

    Torch Song


    A tough as nails broad makes life impossible for the kids in the chorus, and MGM blows the dust off a few other unused numbers in the bargain. This is the most meta of Joan Crawford escapades up to this point: Joanie being Joanie, turned all the way up. Mommy Dearest looks a lot less campy the more Joan you watch.

    I am not ignoring the inexplicable Two-Faced Number. It is bizarre, appalling, and only made me wonder more "what…

  • Desperate Characters

    Desperate Characters

    In a bleak and unpopulated New York City, couples bicker, belittle, and regret. Ninety minutes in, you will beg for someone to invent cocaine and disco.