Given any other choice, I will always choose The Movies.

Favorite films

  • The Best of Everything
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • The Times of Harvey Milk
  • When Harry Met Sally...

Recent activity

  • Shadow of Fear


  • The Most Beautiful


  • St. Elmo's Fire


  • Chimes at Midnight


Recent reviews

  • Shadow of Fear

    Shadow of Fear

    It's an interesting story idea, poorly executed. You can enjoy the talk-back Rocky Horror of it all ("What's the harm in smoking?") and the impressive girdle work. After that, it's just Rebecca.

  • The Most Beautiful

    The Most Beautiful


    Worth adding to your working women movie collection, and worth a prolonged study. What is interesting to me is wondering how the men were doing on their production goals, and whether they too are falling apart -- though this film is unapologetically NOT about them. We follow the pressure on these young women, who are not even trying to "have it all," and the way they try to hold each other up.

    Slow, and unusual in style, but something to ponder.

Popular reviews

  • Desperate Characters

    Desperate Characters

    In a bleak and unpopulated New York City, couples bicker, belittle, and regret. Ninety minutes in, you will beg for someone to invent cocaine and disco.

  • Torch Song

    Torch Song


    A tough as nails broad makes life impossible for the kids in the chorus, and MGM blows the dust off a few other unused numbers in the bargain. This is the most meta of Joan Crawford escapades up to this point: Joanie being Joanie, turned all the way up. Mommy Dearest looks a lot less campy the more Joan you watch.

    I am not ignoring the inexplicable Two-Faced Number. It is bizarre, appalling, and only made me wonder more "what…