Don't Look in the Basement

Don't Look in the Basement ★★

So you think you can make a movie?
Don't neglect your equipment or your production values.

To be fair, the acting in this drive-in Maniac Movie is not terrible. Everyone is working very hard, and many of the shots are artfully framed, though it is hard to notice. Shot in black-and-white, with competent lighting, and a richer soundtrack, and this might pass for something from the Roger Corman factory. But it is not any of those things. The blood is too red, the shadows are accidental, and the tinny synth track suggests a corporate training film ("So You Want to Work With The Mentally Ill) more than anything.

The plot is chaotic -- there is a twist or two if you stick around for them, and the killings are good shockers -- but there are better pictures, even from this era, to liven up your Halloween marathon.

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