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  • Housewife



    A film that feels better than it is. Housewife's connection of old and new age cults is interesting but some questionable casting decisions, some plotting issues, and some de rigeur horror images leaves the film feels no like off-brand Clive Barker. It's final shots are wonderful though.

  • Creswick



    Full of atmosphere and creepy imagery, but in need of a frame to give its scares some depth of meaning.

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  • Over the Garden Wall

    Over the Garden Wall


    Perfect. A wonderful mash-up of Washington Irving, The Wind in the Willows, Van Buren animation, Miyazaki, and the teen drama. A fantastic voice cast and an elegiac, autumnal score make Over the Garden Wall a singular fantasy of colonial Americana.

  • Psycho



    Gus Van Sant is certainly capable of making some unsuccessful films, but he is too talented and intelligent a director to have simply believed that a (mostly) shot-for-shot remake of Psycho would have been an unproblematic exercise. Criticizing Van Sant for doing so seems like the same type of laziness that the film's detractors assume of Van Sant. The remake deserves a significant reappraisal that considers the relationship between the two films rather than a zero-sum competition that prizes the…