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  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

    Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Film School Dropouts 2019 Challenge
 Week 28 – Producer - Carlo Ponti

    Doing this week’s FSDO challenge a bit early as I’m going to out camping for the next while.

    This one may be directed by Carlo Ponti, but the real draw was that it stars Sophia Loren. I’d have to say that she is the stand out, but overall I was initially unimpressed with the film. It is an Italian sex farce, and I think that it has just…

  • Iqaluit



    A woman from Montreal arrived in Iqaluit after her husband suffers a serious injury. She begins to ask awkward questions and poking around to figure out what happened to him and discovers more than she expected. This film tries to show a community of cleavages, a community of Innu people and non-Indigenous people, of English and French and Inuktitut speakers, of older Indigenous people bereft of much of their culture and younger one’s trying to rediscover it. Sometimes these cleavages…

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  • The Apartment

    The Apartment


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Film School Dropouts 2019 - Week 13 - Editor - Daniel Mandell

    I was surprised by this film. Frankly, I was expecting it to be a screw-ball comedy, something more akin to Wilder's Some Like it Hot. Boy was I wrong. Sure, it starts off with a pretense that is ideal to launch as a screwball comedy - office romances and extra-marital affairs are ripe for framing as a comedy of double entendres, quick get-aways and quick changes -and it…

  • Nanook of the North

    Nanook of the North


    Film School Dropouts - Week 16 – Genre – Early Documentary

    As a Canadian historian, and one who is increasingly focused on Indigenous heritage, it seemed like it was high time for me to watch Nanook of the North. This pioneering documentary deserves to be lauded for that reason alone, the fact that it is a reasonably decent production is a bonus.

    The film uses a series of vignettes to show what life is like for an Inuit family. The…