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  • Masks and Memories

    Masks and Memories

    (No rating) Musical short
    This is a 30 minute short featuring Lillian Roth (who? She is most remembered as Margaret Dumont's daughter in the Marx Brother's 'Animal Crackers'). This is a lighthearted musical set in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. It has an interesting message (don't hang onto the past too tight) and a number of nice songs. Queenie Smith and Lillian Roth are the highlights.

  • Sing, Bing, Sing

    Sing, Bing, Sing

    No rating (this 12 minute short is too short for a rating)
    This is a Mack Sennett produced short wherein Bing Crosby tries to marry a gal engaged to Franklin Pangborn. Pangborn and the girl's father try to block Bing. Bing sings a bit and Pangborn gets to use a shotgun. The beginning is much better than the end, but overall is still fun.

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  • The Bishop Murder Case

    The Bishop Murder Case


    I like when films jump right out of the gate and start with something odd and/or intriguing and this film does that. It catches you just in the first few minutes and then thanks to Basil Rathbone, Roland Young and some nice photography, camera angle shots, scene framing and other quite professional touches (This is not a B quality film) this film holds one interest.

    Basil Rathbone's Philo Vance also sounds a lot like the Sherlock Holmes he would…

  • Morning Departure

    Morning Departure


    NOT a war drama. This very well acted drama was first a stage play. It takes place after WW2 as a British Royal Navy submarine goes out for a day of training maneuvers, but there is less "action" than drama herein after something happens that scares some of the crew. Others are involved, of course, too, but a huge part of the dialogue is between about 6 key members of the crew as they show their true characters and…