2021 July films watched (69 films with 'MURDER' in the title watched)

From this list of 69 the TOP FIVE I'd recommend
(1st tier): Murder on the Orient Express, MURDER, Dial M for Murder
(2nd tier): A Matter of Murder 1949 (for fans of British films) & The Kennel Murder Case
Films I rather enjoyed & will likely re-watch (but which are not as accomplished as the top 5): Up for Murder 1931, The Canary Murder Case 1929 (I love the almost silent atmosphere of it), The Casino Murder Case 1935, Prescription Murder 1968 (for the most assertive Columbo performance) , Radio Cab Murder 1954 (likeable Jimmy Hanley British B caper).
Most unique plot twists:
Murder on the Orient Express, An Act of Murder, Please Murder me
Most enjoyably comical performances: Margaret Rutherford (Murder Most Foul and Murder She said), Fred MacMurray (Murder, He Says), Rosalind Russell (The Casino Murder Case), Etienne Girardot (The Kennel Murder Case).

Read notes
  • The Studio Murder Mystery
  • Penguin Pool Murder
  • Murder on a Bridle Path
  • Murder at the Gallop
  • Quiet Please, Murder
  • Murder on the Links
  • You Can't Get Away with Murder
  • A Matter of Murder
  • The Great Hotel Murder
  • Miss Marple: Sleeping Murder
  • Murder on a Honeymoon
  • Murder by Invitation
  • The Benson Murder Case
  • The Casino Murder Case
  • Up for Murder
  • Murder at the Vanities
  • Shield for Murder
  • Murder on the Blackboard
  • A Blueprint for Murder
  • Murder by Contract
  • The Murder Man
  • Prescription: Murder
  • Murder by Television
  • Murder by Death
  • Model for Murder
  • Dial M for Murder
  • Murder, He Says
  • Destination Murder
  • Grand Central Murder
  • Murder in the Private Car
  • Murder on the Bluebell Line
  • Murder on the Orient Express
  • Apology for Murder
  • Murder Most Foul
  • Murder in the Air
  • Murder Over New York
  • Murder in the Clouds
  • Sky Murder
  • The Canary Murder Case
  • The Radio Murder Mystery
  • Radio Cab Murder
  • Murder Ahoy
  • Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise
  • Murder at the Baskervilles
  • The King Murder
  • Murder Is News
  • Murder She Said
  • The Greene Murder Case
  • Murder at Glen Athol
  • Anatomy of a Murder
  • Murder at the Windmill
  • A Slight Case of Murder
  • Witness to Murder
  • The Kennel Murder Case
  • Murder in the Blue Room
  • Murder, Inc.
  • Blue Murder at St. Trinian's
  • Wanted for Murder
  • Murder with Pictures
  • Murder Is My Beat
  • An Act of Murder
  • Agatha Christie: Poirot. Murder in the Mews ( 1989 )
  • Murder, My Sweet
  • Please Murder Me
  • Murder on the Campus
  • The Twenty Questions Murder Mystery
  • Murder by Decree
  • Murder in the Music Hall
  • Murder!