Star Trek: First Contact

Star Trek: First Contact ★★★★★

The BEST Star Trek TNG movie! Nearly 30 years later, this Trek movie is still outstanding. This thoughtful, outstanding combination of time travel and the Borg, deliver the most successful TNG movie of truly galactic proportions. Written by TNG veteran writers, this movie takes the bones of the TV show and crafts a compelling narrative around them. The event of First Contact are referenced in Voyager and in Lower Decks!

One of the predominant elements that separates Start Trek from Star Wars (and why for former is superior to the latter) is the philosophy of Star Trek. TNG (and to a lesser extent Voyager and DS9) was and is a 'thinking man's' show. It's more about the exploration of what it means to be human than it is the action. First Contact delivers the thoughtfulness we desire but the action that makes for an exciting feature movie!

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