Eternals ★★

we saw glimpses of the iconic ELEMENTALS (superior group), but they never actually showed up. WTF marvel??? why????? yall owe us a hyrdo man solo movie for that shit.

these hittas got some wack ass names. bruh that lil girls name is SPRITE!!!!!!! definitely takes the mantle of worst character of all time. hopefully we never see her again! felt AND looked like a damn DCEU movie fr. they was trying to be zack snyder (tho i can’t imagine why anyone would want to do that). this was honestly not as bad as i thought it would be, but a movie i will prolly never watch again. better than black widow, not as good as shang chi. cgi is fucking dog shit. what the actual fuck. sonic looks better than this lmao. i will prob forget everything about this movie by the time i wake up tomorrow mornin.

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