Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★★

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Y Tu Mamá También has honestly one of the best use of narration I’ve ever seen in film. The way it gives more depth and dimensions to the characters, giving the audience little subtleties about the characters that drove the story forward in very discrete ways and the way it links the past events with the present through the use of narration was so unique. The film’s pacing also flows seamlessly throughout the film. Alfonso Cuarón’s direction is as subversive as it is fun. It’s a beautiful film about self discovery, love, lust, and loss of innocence. It has a lot of depth and just absolutely shines in its vibrancy and depiction of youth. Every aspect of it is beautiful, from the characters progression, to the narration, and to Emmanuel Lubezki’s gorgeous–as–always cinematography. The overall film is a powerful mixture of friendship and its fleeting moments all set against the backdrop of Mexico with political commentary playing out in the background of the film. The last moments of the film was heartbreaking.

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