Tenet ★★★★

Finally grabbed this on 4K, figured I'd update my thoughts on this.

I love Nolan's naturalistic approach to sound design. It works wonders in Dunkirk, as well as here. But when you have a film that's essentially three quarters exposition, it can muddy a first viewing.

Now that I actually understand what the hell is happening here, this is a fun bit of high-concept sci-fi, lovingly reminiscent of the pulpy suave-led action films this is clearly homaging.

Great performances across the board, from Kenneth Branagh especially, who's just ripping at all the scenery every time he's on screen.

I love how the simple camera trick of reversing footage lends to Nolan's insistence on practical filmmaking. It gives way for some fantastical ideas handled very pragmatically.

The final third is so mind-bending and insane, how could you not have fun with this.

There's maybe some subplots, one including a forged art piece, that are way more simple than how they're presented. Which can be a tad annoying when you're already grappling with the rest of what the film's offering.

Definitely benefits from rewatches and a subtitle track. Music is killer! I don't care if the wah-wahs have been reduced to a Nolan-ism, this score slaps.

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