Bittoo Boss

I have a slight fascination with the movies that have stemmed distinctly from the glorious Band Baaja Baaraat. This was one of the earlier iterations I saw going around. Pulkit is literally named Bittoo and has the Bittoo hairstyle. How much more on the nose can you get?

The first hour is a straight lift from BBB. There are scenes that are exactly the same. The character relationship between the two romantic leads is remarkably similar. It's like the producers just said, "Well, we can't have them plan weddings again... Ah, we'll have them shoot wedding videos."

The second hour devolves into nonsense about morality and respect and just becomes quite silly to watch. It loses all familiarity with BBB and ...attempts... to cross new ground, but it just fails so spectacularly.

Future of this Cast:

Amita Pathak has never been seen before and will never be seen again.
Pulkit Samrat goes on to become a solid B-movie actor with one actual good movie to his name, Fukrey.
Sahil Vaid's interesting debut as a muscley loverboy will aid him greatly in his future endeavors, namely lowkey falling in love with Siddarth Shukla.