Humko Deewana Kar Gaye

I rewatched the movie because I would die for Katrina Kaif.

But I actually really liked this!!! Nothing happens in the movie, but it's a really sweet story that works entirely because of Akshay and Katrina's chemistry. It's wonderful to see them have all these little moments and build up of their romance right before our eyes.

I think a lot of romcoms go for unlikable characters that the audience knows are perfect for each other, but it was an interesting choice for us as the audience to see the buildup of their romance basically only when they see each other. I completely understand why they like each other as characters, which I think is rare to see on screen.

So again, NOTHING happens but I love these two together. They're so subtle but so magical. Seriously the most unexpectedly good chemistry of the 2000s.