Batman Begins ★★★★★

The first part of one of my favorite film trilogies of all time, I've always loved the Nolan Batman films...but recently found a way to enjoy them even more. Watching them in black and white. Nolan's Gotham is perfect for black and white, and the films look more natural this way. For Begins, the city skylines are beautiful in beautiful in B&W. And the Scarecrow's nightmare hallucinations even freakier.

One other thing I've noticed is the changes in music. Hans Zimmer scored the two Dark Knight installments, buts Batman Begins was scored by him and James Newton Howard. Now, both composers are great, but their styles don't always mesh well, and it's really Hans Zimmer's score that works--obviously, since he was brought back, and why Nolan started to use him for all of his films....and even Zimmer's score works better for B&W images. If you ever wondered what music sounds like in B&W, listen to Hans Zimmer's Dark Knight scores.

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