Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

I am hesitant to give this five stars, but a 2nd viewing might convince me to. When I go to a mystery, I look for how things unfold, not for a reveal. Because I always know--I generally know when I see the trailer. There are clear markings that someone versed enough in mysteries can see. There's the "oh this person looks so guilty so they can't be," and the "this small innocent role is not very innocent," and "then the awkward and hard to pull off "let's keep making it so obvious that it's this person that the viewer dismisses it because it's so obvious and then have it actually be that guy." Really hard to pull off. But I can identify all of these patterns, and I know. Like I said, even from a trailer.

Gone Girl...I was fooled. It definitely went in a direction I did not see coming at all. And even worse, I was fooled by the trailer, which is remarkably deceptive. Maybe if I were reading the book, I would have figured it out sooner, but David Fincher's smooth direction makes it so easy to just go along with the mystery, looking for the traditional signs, before....stuff. I don't even want to describe it vaguely. It's just a great surprise.

And the acting. Rosamund Pike will be up for best actress or the system is broken. And that's all I'll say.

Ben Affleck could very well get his first Oscar nomination for acting because reasons.

Tyler Perry! How the hell did that happen that I actually enjoyed him in this? Because--not gonna say it.

Neal Patrick Harris. That is all.

Carrie Coon.....because yes

Kim Dickens, who takes her character and ____________________

Fincher gets great performances from all of his actors, and it's lovely to just watch the craft. The only thing I felt at the time was that the pacing was slow, but with another viewing, that might change.

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