The Florida Project ★★★½

people are like in love with this movie and i just can't relate at all

it was pretty good, the wide angle shots were really interesting, and the child acting was spot on. in fact, the actors are the strongest thing about this movie. it seemed like it wanted to be moonlight in its abstract silences, but it really failed to move me in any way similar to moonlight.

i definitely got the florida vibe, which i found reaaally great. it never explicitly says where they are but they're definitely in orlando. if u have ever been to orlando, u will 100% feel the vibe.

it has this richard linklater thing that i hate where it drifts along for a long period of time and then ends (albeit the ending is a little more powerful than something linklater would conjure up)

i think this will get nominated for somethings in the award seasons months but i'll be disappointed if it wins