• Actresses



    really loved this concept! Wish they do another version of it with a different batch!
    Imagine kim tae ri, jeon do yeon, kim go eun, son yejin, jeon jong seo, bae doona, kim hye soo and song hye kyo in a single room!

  • Four Sisters

    Four Sisters


    wish this movie had a run time of 3+ hours, but that would mean I’m wishing all the good things for myself.

  • Decision to Leave

    Decision to Leave


    okay I need a rewatch. Also felt it was fast paced for all the transitions and high standards of filmmaking and editing. Little disappointed that both the leads did not get more time to flush out their emotions for a longer period of time, or was it done deliberately?

    an engaging film from the start especially the chemistry between the two shown in extremely sly and subtle ways - almost at times sexually charged conversations to a spontaneous cleaning of…

  • She, a Chinese

    She, a Chinese


    Interesting to see perpectives on what life is for a rural chinese woman who wishes to get out of miserable circumstances and see how the world treats her. any guesses? yes it’s tough out there. huang lu was great in the lead role.

  • Waikiki Brothers

    Waikiki Brothers


    The highlight or the happiest I felt watching this really depressing film about a South Korean band, was PARK HAE IL!!!

  • Wife of a Spy

    Wife of a Spy


    I don’t know which version I saw of this film, but I knew the color grading looked off. wiki says another version with different aspect ratio and grading scale was screened at the festivals.

    Nevertheless, I don’t think I’ve seen japanese films exposing their own dark atrocities like unit 731’s heinous criminal history. (if you’re a freak who’s into extreme crime and frankenstein stuff, id suggest by just reading the wiki page about it)

    Yu Aoi’s acting performance was really…

  • Deaths in Tokimeki

    Deaths in Tokimeki


    yoshimitsu morita cinematic universe.

  • Shozo, a Cat and Two Women

    Shozo, a Cat and Two Women


    The short story by junichiro tanizaki was fun, and watching the movie was more fun when you have kyoko kagawa as fukuko in full beach attire for most of the run time. I've always seen her in sad roles or depressing movies. Probably my first comedy film from classic japanese movie era?

    Ofcourse her quarrels and lifestyle, along with his mother and ex annoyed Shozo but his love for the cat went above and beyond any human. The ending scenes were both hilarious and pensive.

  • Before, Now & Then

    Before, Now & Then


    a lot of things which I liked

    > secrets and stories hidden behind indonesias history and how it affected women
    > the slow pacing, some of the scenes with miss ino >>>
    > happy salma
    > cultural context aided by the immaculate production design
    > could pick out positive references from other directors ( taiwanese in terms of how the colonial past and politics had affected transitions of asian family generations, chinese-remember Ann hui’s love after love?)

    things which could’ve been mellowed down

    > guess most modern…

  • Moral



    think no Filipino movie can top this for me.

    edit- sorry lino brocka almost forgot about you

  • The Vertical Ray of the Sun

    The Vertical Ray of the Sun


    scenes did look forced and not spontaneous aimed for that poetic effect but I’m a sucker for such sensuous films and mundane activities involving Asian family households, so here’s your five stars tran anh hung just for every frame being a painting and for casting your beautiful wife Tran nu yen khe.

  • Duckweed



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Hints of Terrorizers, Taipei story and Hsiao Hsien’s dust in the wind. All combining to form a story of a young and naive girl venturing into the bustling Taipei city away from home, away from her boyfriend to follow her aspirations.

    Dreams of city life soon turn to hardships as she experiences materialistic joys, competitive and deceiving professional woes and her roommates all struggling to cope up in a new capitalistic Taipei. 

    Edward Yang directing this for 80s Taiwanese TV…