• Jealousy Is My Middle Name

    Jealousy Is My Middle Name


    Trust park chan ok to depict men lost in life and their behaviour so fucking perfectly. two films are pretty much masterpieces. best part is getting lead male actors like lee sun kyun and park hae il to act in such films.

    I don’t think I have seen any women directed films getting so close to understanding male personas before. respect! reminds me of miwa nishikawa at times.

  • Lost Romance

    Lost Romance


    I was fine with Maggie cheung dating so many guys, also the lookalike brother in chow yun fat but what the heck was this plot 😅

  • Yanagawa



    this is my fifth time watching a zhang lu film. and have enjoyed every minute of all of them.

    I kind of hope he continues with the place name movie title series. always feel like im a tourist in every city or place he shows. some random but interesting facts about the history, the people and culture. the use of music and songs from english to japanese to chinese and korean was really great. can trust zhang lu at this…

  • Behind the Yellow Line

    Behind the Yellow Line


    Maggie cheung and Leslie cheung involved in a nonsensical romcom. expect every vibe in this 80s hongkong film!

  • Missing Johnny

    Missing Johnny


    produced by my fav Hou Hsiao hsien, easily one of the best movies I’ve seen all year. Also Rima Zeidan, the Taiwanese- lebanese lead actor…her screen presence was amazing!

  • A Tender Place

    A Tender Place


    it’s the hope that kills you

  • The End of Summer

    The End of Summer


    love this film sm! Hikari Mitsushima your acting in this is soo freaking good. flawless and natural along side kaoru kobayashi.

    this movie isn’t everyone’s cup of tea tbh. I was so lucky to get hold of a hd print for this! The cinematography, visual aesthetics of early 60s japan really worked hand in hand with the production value.

    all the reviews stating this was annoyingly too long and boring….???well, I’d watch a 10 hour directors cut of this with…

  • Soundtrack #1

    Soundtrack #1


    those last 15 minutes were so good omg my heart 😭♥️

  • Joint Security Area
  • Lake August

    Lake August


    let me sleep. I don’t mind any surface - boat, rocks, river side, remote inn, random chair, ping pong table, sofa.. you name it. don’t care about the background sound, people, relations, hormones and everything life has to offer. let me rest.. in peace.

  • Silent Night

    Silent Night

    Joel kinnaman in a John woo movie with no dialogues? I’m in.

  • Ramblers



    road trip movie from Yamashita with a touch of dead pan comedy, a little mystery and a change of energy when a new girl played by machiko ono enters the plot. you could literally see the excitement in the other guy demeanour 😂

    the bus stop scene and the montage of japanese roadside was brilliant! I have never not enjoyed any nobuhiro yamashita movie!