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  • The Lighthorsemen

    The Lighthorsemen


    War what is it good for? Providing the film industry with countless cinematic stories, and in this case the South Australian film industry. This 1987 production followed on the tale of the highly successful 'Gallipoli' made in 1981, except this time as the title suggests the soldiers are on horseback, as they mount an attack on Beersheba. This is an epic production and I imagine almost everyone who could ride a horse fast in South Australia was employed for a…

  • Zootopia



    Zootopia takes us to an alternate universe devoid of humans, one where the animals have evolved to a point that all creatures great and small have become 'civilised'. They started farming, they built cities, built trains, cars and most importantly became vegetarian. Yes that's right, In Zootopia predator and prey get along in perfect harmony until one day...

    Enter into this universe young Judy Hops a bunny with big dreams of becoming a cop in the big city metropolis, much…

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  • Casino Royale

    Casino Royale


    James Bond comes from an era of sexism and racism but with Sean Connery as the legendary Spy nobody ever seemed to mind. Since the golden Connery days 007 has undergone many transformations the most popular being Roger Moore who was far less convincing in the tough guy role, taking Bond off into a new crazy and campy direction. But so many Bond's down the track there is no doubt that Connery set the benchmark and left newcomer Daniel Craig…

  • The Lego Movie

    The Lego Movie


    Quickly rocketing into our top 100 most popular films list is 'The Lego Movie', loved by audiences and critics alike it seems to have something for everyone. The possible reason for this is the incredibly dense script that fires a million jokes per minute and with the gag count off the scale something is bound to make you smile eventually. The only possible drawback to this is that it's an assault on the senses that can tire you out after…