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  • Diner
  • The Ice Harvest
  • Once Upon a Time in the West
  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles

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  • Batman: Year One


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  • Prey



    This is just me talking so don’t blow a gasket but Predator is a boring-ass monster who is invisible 3/4 of the time and I’m remembering now why I was bored watching the original Predator in th theater in 1987 and never watched any of the sequels. Also these characters are not well developed at all and and the script has no grace and no wit and and no surprises and I was bored bored bored. Feels like a CW show. No idea why anyone is losing their marbles over this. Weak shit.

  • Spinout



    Whatever the sins of Speedway it at least contained a fair amount of actual race footage and at least one decent, well-produced number (He’s Uncle Not Your Dad). Spinout has neither, and while Shelly Fabreres has a leg (or two) up on Nancy Sinatra, it doesn’t make up for the presence of Deborah Walley, a would-be cute character actress so infinitely grating I wanted her drowned before it was all over.

    Shitty. Deeply so.

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  • The Tinder Swindler

    The Tinder Swindler


    I haven’t seen an ending that disappointing since Rise of Skywalker

  • Umberto D.

    Umberto D.


    The extent of my love and affection for dogs is such that I barely breathed during the final 15 minutes of this movie while the fate of both Flike and Umberto remained in question. 

    A Hollywood happy ending and what qualifies as an Italian Neo Realist happy ending are vastly different animals, no pun intended. A Hollywood ending is only happy if true love prevails, the leads marry, the co leads make out, the company is saved, the team wins…