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  • Inferno



    so gorgeously shot and lit, pretty much nothing matters not plot not characters like who gives a fuck but the bookstore owner dude gets to fire off some great lines and has the most stupendous death scene involving a burlap sack full of cats, swarming rats, a lunar eclipse and a butcher knife wielding hot dog vendor, now you feel like you have to watch this movie right stupid?

    i guess this is part a of trilogy with Suspiria and…

  • Dillinger



    "Decent folk don't live that good."

    Unbelievable I know but Richard Dreyfuss actually steals the show from both Warren Oates and Harry Dean Stanton. How is this possible? Well, keeping in mind that Stephen Graham steals the show from Johnny Depp and Christian Bale in Public Enemies, what I'm forced to conclude is there really ought to be more movies about Baby Face Nelson and fewer about the slobs he used to hang around.

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  • Good Time

    Good Time


    this sort of like a more serious version of Quick Change. it very very very good, just plunges you deeper every minute. Pattinson plays Constantine Nikas grifter a who squeezes everything he can get out of every single person he meets. He treats people like a cheapskate treats a tube of toothpaste. Jennifer Jason Leigh will leave you howling with laughter. I wanna see more of the dude who plays the therapist. Good Time kicks you around until you cry and say no more. It kicked me right off the balcony and into the street.

  • Wendy and Lucy

    Wendy and Lucy


    As a rule, Hollywood never makes movies about losers unless they end up winning in the end. That's what makes Wendy and Lucy such a bracing and unusual experience - it's a movie about a loser who just keeps on losing. The very little she has at the beginning dwindles even further by the end, carefully tracked in the most heart wrenching way in her little spiral bound notebook. Although the movie is about a woman and her dog, the…