Audition ★★★★

Audition still holds solid with it’s bizarre mix of love story with a final act of psychological horror. It is however beginning to show its age and does become less affective as more horrors are pushing the boundaries and exploring new ways of story telling.

The first 2 thirds of the film are quite slow - frustratingly slow in places - but it does exactly what it supposed to do - it relaxes you into the story of a man finding a new love and prepares you to be thrown from this tranquility into confusion and concern.

The last third of the film is packed with twists and turns which will keep you well and truly occupied - just as long as you can make it through the long build up.

Audition contains a couple of scenes that will no doubt stay with you long after watching. One scene in particular made me say “No - I don’t like that” out loud and I still smile an uncomfortable half smile when I think about it.

If you like your horror fast paced this might not be the one for you. I did find myself losing interest half way through, but if you get through the first part of the story you are rewarded with an original piece of horror that you will not forget in a hurry.

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