Child's Play

Child's Play ★★★★½

This is mean spirited, violent and ridiculous, and totally effective in all the ways that it needs to be. It is also elevated by terrific performances by Gabriel Bateman, Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry. Bateman, in particular, forces you to empathise with his character and really helps provide the film with legitimate stakes. It's obviously an inherently silly premise, but the film manages to be more thrilling than the original (I really like the original). The concept that this malevolent force has complete control over every piece of technology in your life is fucking terrifying. The commentary on the control that technology has over a person is never nuanced, but it is effective because it is so integrated into the film's tone. It is over the top, but is also strangely prescient. I was also impressed with the effectiveness of the film's dark comedy and gore. Certainly not for everyone, but this felt like Child's Play meets Robocop, and I'm totally on board with that.

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