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  • Eyes Wide Shut
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Dune
  • The Big Lebowski

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  • The Menu

    The Menu


    I just like the fuck you to all the people responsible for ruining cinema, food, and life in general.

  • Don't Worry Darling

    Don't Worry Darling


    Hey, this film is perfectly serviceable. It missed some notes, but so has every other lo-fi blockbuster this year. 

    Olivia Wilde attempting to signal the mind control/simulation Americans willingly engage in, I’m suspecting with a slightly righter audience in Wilde’s sights. 

    The real issue is the film is a tad too cryptic without the depth underneath. I suspect the filmmakers are either grasping at straws or appeasing financiers. Either way, the real public ire is misdirected towards a Promising Young…

Popular reviews

  • Time Trap

    Time Trap


    I knew in the first minute or so when the voiceover sound mixing was virtually indistinguishable from the phone call sound mixing and the dialogue sound mixing that I was no longer dealing with quality filmmaking. 

    A group of (age not discernible) coeds go searching after a professor who went searching after his parents who went searching after the fountain of youth in a cave somewhere in Texas. Turns out the cave is stuck in time. Then there’s aliens and…

  • Joker



    An absolutely cruel and painful film to watch. It really hurt me. 

    But what hurt more was the audience I was with. 

    Joker depicts a society that is broken. One not too far from the truth. 

    Joker is a man who, albeit mentally ill, begins to thrive when he gives into his delusional psychosis and creates havoc in this broken society by murdering, rioting, and gaining notoriety via inciting violence in a city hungry for change and improvement, one disillusioned…