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  • Hannibal



    As a follow up to SILENCE OF THE LAMBS this could be catergorized as an indulgent misfire, but as it's own movie I think it's a highly entertaining piece of baroque trash. Moore is good but can't replace Foster. Hopkins is making this thing into a 5 course meal but it's not fine dining like the last movie, it's a greasy spoon off the highway.

    It's so much fun watching a movie eschew all the subtlety of its predecessor and…

  • Jennifer's Body

    Jennifer's Body


    eh lets call it a 3.25

    I was watching this trying to figure out what this movie reminded me of when it came to its rhythms and tone and during the climax of the third act it hit me that this is pretty much Fright Night for lady bisexuals

    It has that same loose tone where you feel like the script could have used one more pass (Im not complaining about the Diablo Cody-isms, I just mean some stuff could…

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  • The Third Murder

    The Third Murder


    Reading the room on here it's probably good I saw this as my first Kore-eda film. Since I had no expectations going in what I got a incredibly thought provoking procedural thriller guided by the hand of someone who clearly has a unique voice.

    So even tho I know this is an outlier I'm even more excited for what's in store for me.

  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    I know this is not a picture that is moralizing to the audience but more about a philosophical conversation about fatalism sharing the same space as faith but when Ethan Hawke and Cedric The Entertainer share their final conversation and Cedric becomes a cheerleader for that very fatalism I had to stop the movie and just kind of cry for a while.

    Fuck everything.

    P.S. This is masterpiece