The Doll Master ★★★½

An obviously low-budget horror flick that wasn't too bad at all. You could tell it was of a low budget due to the shaky camera in scenes that wern't supposed to be shaky and the lack of gore or kills, which aren't always important but I would have enjoyed the film more if the kill count was higher. The enthusiasm from the cast playing their characters really helped me like the film as much as I did. The build up to the last 20 minutes were worth it because the creepy family were enjoyable to watch but I was a little confused at the end as to what just happened and what everything meant. I think a lot of effort was put into the film for what it was worth but some scenes looked a bit goofy like when Norman was walking past these walls in red light, the fuzzy filter looked ridiculous, especially when Norman's head became distorted. Overall a relatively short but enjoyable film which was alright to watch but really left something to be desired. Maybe if we got a sequel we could see a higher kill count, better effects and camera-work and an expanding of the psychotic, quirky and committed family we were introducted to at the end.