Tenet ★★★★

many many thoughts, very little brain power....

For understanding MAYBE 50% of the dialogue, I really liked Tenet. A theater viewing is a must!! But an at home subtitle viewing is also a must. I get people’s criticism, but this is a solid Nolan film. His best? No. A thrill ride to enjoy and stretch your mind in the ways only Nolan can? Absolutely. 

Inception was not my favorite for a long time. Then I watched it often over the years and understood it inside and out. I can see this happening with Tenet. I understood what was happening, but not necessarily why it needed to happen. Probably just a problem from not understanding the dialogue.  

JDW and Rob have fantastic chemistry and I would love to see them work together again, especially in a film with a normal timeline. I am overjoyed that people are appreciating Rob more now, it’s long overdue. Anytime he was on the screen my mind went to mush, so that did not help with completely understanding what was happening lol. JDW absolutely shines as a protagonist (hehe.)

Also I loved the ending!!!!! 🥺

Very eager to see Tenet again!!!! Thank u for blessing us Father Nolan.


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