Chinatown ★★★★★

FilmEra Pick 3
May 2018 - Pick 3 of 3

Watched this on blu-ray.

You know that feeling when you watch a movie so great, so you just want to watch it again right away? I had that feeling today with Chinatown; I watched it three times today. This is the best new viewing I’ve had for 2018 thus far. Chinatown is the kind of movie I love to watch, and it’s near perfection. Its pacing is perfect, it just breezes by and I never wanted to let my eyes leave the screen. I just love the colors and lighting. The script is amazing, there are just so many memorable and great lines and everything is delivered so well by the brilliant cast. Jake Gittes is Jack Nicholson’s best role in his storied career, and he looks so cool in just about every shot. Faye Dunaway is just on another level as well. Roman Polanksi directed a goddamn masterpiece! I need to see this on the big screen!