O Brother, Where Art Thou? ★★★½

Shallowly based on Homer's Odyssey, the plot was remarkably more focused on the journey than the destination. Not an extremely powerful or amazingly entertaining movie, either a boring one, I would qualify it as “okay”. Loved the countryside vibe of this movie: The music, the settings, the simple dialogues, the accents, the elements (picking prisoners as principal protagonists, the KKK, racism, nature, open fields, trains, singing, etc…). Also, despite the fact that I usually dont pay much attention to it, the color grading made the movie agreeable to watch. The weird dry “Cohen” humor, pretty unique to their style (Although they did spectacularly better in The Big Lebowski) is always quite entertaining: They master character build-up by associating to each one strange characteristics and exaggerated personality traits, making them really funny and hard to consider seriously. And, I treasured a lot the underwater shot after the flood.