Rose: A Love Story

Rose: A Love Story ★½

#LFF 2020 #14

Oh man this was not good

Lulled into a false sense of security by a few very strong shots towards the beginning of the film, following that there was very little to be enjoyed

The plot is slow in the worst kinda way, the majority happens in the last 15 mins of the film

I know what you're thinking, maybe it's just a character based film and I'm missing the point. Well I'd potentially agree with you if there were characters in this film to begin with. Our two leads have absolutely zero chemistry. The fact we're supposed to believe Sam is willing to give up his life for Rose's condition is quite frankly laughable and I've seen more believable relationships in a school nativity play

Finally not only does everything happen at the end of the film, it feels like there was supposed to be a whole other act. Which admiditly would have been torture to sit through in this snoozefest. And whilst I don't think horror films always need to be explicitly scary. The most tension I felt watching this was when I risked a fart about halfway through

All in all 2 for 2 duds in the Cult strand of LFF this year. Highly disappointed

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