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  • Where Is My Friend?

    Where Is My Friend?



    Unexpectedly effective little short from a fellow Letterboxd'er. Absolutely worth the 17 minutes.

  • Grabbers



    A rarely-mentioned gem akin to Tremors, Slither and their ilk, Grabbers is a slightly-above-average horror comedy with surprisingly lovable characters and a decently effective monster. The pacing seems a little off, most likely due to the constant long transition fades between scenes, and the overall story suffers from an ill-conceived and unbelievable romance that just feels forced.

    Absolutely not perfect by any means, but would likely make a great group drinking game!

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  • Amour



    It absolutely cannot be said that Georges (Jean-Louis Trintignant) did not love Anne (Emmanuelle Riva). Michael Haneke portrays love in the most everlastingly heartbreaking way in this remarkable film.

    As we see Anne (Riva) lose more and more of herself, we begin to get lost in this incredibly immersive story. The shots Haneke chooses to show us, along with the hauntingly sparse music, only help to completely engulf the viewer in the life of this endlessly enduring couple.

    I went…

  • Killer Joe

    Killer Joe


    It is clear from the first frame of this film that we are about to be taken for a wild, filthy ride. Killer Joe immediately thrusts us into a sleazy situation with some seriously loathsome and idiotic characters. It is not until “Killer” Joe Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is introduced that we finally have a character who is not an imbecile, though he is not exactly someone we can root for.

    William Friedkin’s direction is spot-on, giving the viewer a foul,…