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  • Continental Divide

    Continental Divide


    I love movies about journalists, I love John Belushi, I really wish I liked CONTINENTAL DIVIDE more. There are moments in the film that better capture the tone of Gregory Mcdonald’s Fletch novels than the FLETCH films but the movie just doesn’t hit the tone it was shooting for.

    You can tell Belushi was really trying to stretch as an actor and, if he had lived, I think he would be a tremendous dramatic actor - maybe finding the same kind of roles Seth Rogen is doing today.

  • Moon



    I watched MOON tonight for the first time since seeing it at SXSW in 2009. It remains, of course, very, very good - a remarkable achievement in low-budget, character-focused sci-fi. Sam Rockwell is so dang charismatic - especially when he gets to play somebody other than a racist (at least I assume his character in MOON isn’t racist).

    Now that I’ve revisited MOON, I can’t wait to dig into the graphic novel “sequel” MADI.

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  • American Assassin

    American Assassin


    The film was made to be watched on TNT on a Sunday afternoon because the remote control was too far away from the couch.

  • Verotika


    Before the world premiere of his new film VEROTIKA, Glenn Danzig made the comment that there aren’t any good horror movies being made anymore. I rolled my eyes. And then I watched his movie, a film that might be one of the worst horror films I’ve seen in a long time. Guys, I don’t think Danzig has a good taste in horror films.