Cinderella ★★★½

Wowzas! What a fun movie. If you've ever thought to yourself, "You know what would really go well together - soft-core porn and musical slapstick comedy", have I got a treat for you.

This Charles Band-produced film surprised me with how good it actually is. The music (and there are quite a few songs) is really catchy. The humor is super silly and over-the-top (one of the songs is about a prince fretting about the day his kingdom will no longer cum). And yes, this is an erotic film with a hefty helping of lesbian action (including some incest which, to be honest, made me feel uncomfortable), randy frolicking and general "sitting around the house" nudity.

The movie starts to lose a little steam in the middle - especially during the ball scene which seems to go on forever - but there is enough weirdness, silliness and Sy Richardson as a fairy godmother (he's black, he's gay and he gifts Cinderella with a "snapping pussy") to make this worth a watch.

Loved it!