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  • Our Father

    Our Father


    That stat at the end on how many have engaged in this unethical behavior was heartbreaking. The hubris and arrogance of some medical practitioners is staggering.

    A federal law needs to be passed and I easily see unanimous support for legislation on the subject covered in this film.

    The doctor on which this documentary is about got off easy. His level of deception was off the charts. This will elicit a whole lot of emotion.

    The style of this film was fine and the interviews were the best part.

    Peace and comfort to all who experience infertility.

  • The Postman

    The Postman


    This post apocalyptic tale takes the idea of an ordinary man sparking a revolutionary movement based on a falsehood idea that inspired hope where there was none. Ideas can ignite a fire and this film tries to explore that.

    Critically panned, I thought it was a good story that was straightforward. I do agree that it was long and could have been edited better.

    It had some cruel and violent moments and looked at individual and societal longing after a…

Popular reviews

  • 1917



    Whew! This is a cinematic achievement. It is not just a film but also a harrowing experience.

    The camera work and cinemaphotography are a major part of this film. You feel like you are right there. The long shots without edit in this movie are super impressive.

    It is not an easy film as it shows the brutality of WW I. It is intense and your blood pressure will change more than once.

    This film should be seen on a big screen. The sound and soundtrack enhance this experience.

    Brutal, sad, honest, and an experience you will not soon forget.

    Peace, it really is worth it.

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    No spoilers or plot details here. Chalk me up as one of the people who enjoyed this film.
    I am reacting on feelings here and I felt happy with this and I was smiling at the end.
    I have no idea if this is how the arc was originally intended or not. Certainly neither of the two earlier films in this trilogy could be ignored. Yet, I feel an honest effort was made to please old school Star Wars fans…