Prometheus ★★

I'm way past the age when I loved films because of images, explosions, sound or special effects. Obviously, it is always a welcome bonus, but ideas, story, themes and well developed characters is what makes films interesting. What Prometheus really lacks is well developed characters and because of that I rarely ever got really engaged with what happened on the screen. First of all, there are too many characters and most of them are pretty much anonymous meat. The rest have nothing much to do other than spout very scripted exposition (Actually, the most interesting character is a robot). I guess, that is mostly fault of the script, but a lot of blame should fall on Ridley Scott, especially if you look at how he put this story together. Without going into spoiler territory, very often scenes have this disconnected feel to them, especially when it comes to actions of certain characters. A lot of BIG stuff in one scene has no impact or any consequence in the following scenes and that really bugged me. It is as if something important got cut out of the film and the filmmakers though we are not going to notice. My only hope is that eventual Director's Cut will solve some of these issues.

Now that I got all the disappointment out of my system, all I have to say is that it looks very nice. There is some outstanding cinematography and art direction is excellent. There are a few great scenes, but it is simply not enough.

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