Beanpole ★★★★½

And the Academy Award for best foreign film of 2019 should go to... 

Imagine if you will that one sequence just continuing and this became like Son Of Saul or 1917 and it became just a one take film (even though 1917 is 2...) , nobody would stop talking about this film. It already has the most anxious and disturbing pace that only a Russian filmmaker could give us, that if there was to be no editing involved here American Audiences might have spontaneously combusted. 

This is maybe the most auteur and European film in recent memory and it’s so damn refreshing that it is. The directing is so strenuous on our senses that it truly gives an overload to paralyze your senses and emotions. It shows the depths we can go when humanity is lost and gives critics of literary style filmmaking something to prove them wrong. It’s also would make Nicholas Winding Refn blush with the way the dialogue is presented. 

What I would give to be at an Academy screening of this and just see the reactions of the voters on the way out.

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