The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★★

I'm talking one of the best performances of Dicaprio's career let alone the best of every single actor in the film down to the littlest of characters. Goodfellas/Casino style Scorsese with a film that rivals any of his best work. I can bitch about the editing but that's about it; and even then I can't complain that much. Didn't think Burning Bush could be beat out for film of the year (not even by Scorsese), but man this was a true cinematic experience!! And this is Dicaprio on his fucking game. It makes Calvin Candie look weak in places. If he doesn't win an Oscar for this the academy can right fuck itself!! The 80/90's video add ins were crazy awesome as well. This has me shaking even an hour after. The quick little blurs... Just go see this!!!!!! Seriously just get the fuck out and see this!!

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