Avengers: Endgame ★★★★½

Recency bias has subsided but I still can't help myself gushing from every tiny bit they have put out. Every detail that always masks our protagonists having a thought of their shortcomings so well. The playful banter being intuitively displayed rather than it being solely for comedic purposes other than Paul Rudd's Scott Lang who is always shown to be an individual being lost in his sorroundings. Fittingly balancing the tone with his sitcom like antics in being a successful comic relief. Surprisingly satisfied with the amount of usage we got from the characters as it paid off with the OG six shining.

Russo Brothers got their hands wrapped between their back when questioned about the critical desicions they have made especially with time travel (expected to be confusing and jarring, typically not for everyone to swallow) and its decisive ending. Nonetheless, I still praise them for their efforts on fulfilling us a giant visual clash by risking everything to appeal to each fan imaginable. The 3 hour runtime it has is a make or break it for the audiences, not because of the gallbladder but how an individual would be thoroughly invested in this franchise. It doesn't fail to give fan service to the viewers especially with the second act as the makers of the movie listening with open arms to presumably every fan's request to make their experience enjoyable and impactful.

Not a perfect movie by all means but hard to ignore the emotion it packs which draws our heroes as having a thought of failing their loved ones. Their shortcomings visibly seen and the result of the melancholy aura felt all throughout the 3 hour spectacle. It would remain unbeaten as the best cinematic experience ever.

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