Parasite ★★★★


Parasite is about a poor Korean family that swindles a really rich one into thinking they're all highly professional tutors, drivers and maids, and all end up working for them in their house, acting out their roles. Everything is fine until they make a startling discovery.

This was something. I leaned in towards the screen watching this, and it's just bustling with energy. The first half weaves a rug of delightful absurdist comedy which is surreal and hysterical, and the second half swiftly and violently janks that rug away, by which time you're more than likely hooked already.

Beautifully photographed in every sense of the word, wonderfully acted and just undeniably vivid, this is most definitely a film that deserves to be seen. Just be prepared for anything, and I really do mean anything. The shift is at times so exceedingly abrupt that it left me a little bit stunned, and you have to swallow some plot conveniences in the name of boldness, but bold it sure is. I'll say this though, and this time I truly mean it: I have never seen a film quite like this one, even though it's like showering in cozy warm water that suddenly crashes down on you ice cold. It's also 135 minutes long, but being that both halves steal your attention, it never felt that long.

I think this will stay with me for some time, and the moral is pretty clear: the rich dance unassuming upon the backs and the tragedies of the poor. If you can spare an evening, strap yourself in and be amazed.

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