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  • The Walk

    The Walk

    Incredible how it was done, assuming this is a faithful account.

  • Maudie



    Sally Hawkins is amazing in the lead. This is a true story, almost entirely character-driven, and what a character. Marital love once was often like it is portrayed here--fascinating to observe. Her subtle strength and creative happiness while overcoming suffering are traits that we need illustrated more often. This was a woman with great emotional intelligence. I love Maud Lewis, and am so glad her life is now able to be celebrated in wider circles with this ringing on-screen portrayal.…

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  • Words and Pictures

    Words and Pictures


    I love this story...and the characters...and the incredibly smart script. This film hits deep and true notes for me, and touched me greatly. Forget 'Mr. Holland's Opus' or 'Dead Poet's Society'--this one transcends those and any other it might be categorized with. Very inspirational. Thank you, those of you who created this film. I hope it wins at least one well-deserved Oscar. Or, possibly more appropriately, next year's Nobel peace prize. I will definitely be watching 'Words and Pictures' again…

  • Girl Rising

    Girl Rising


    I watched this film last night and then woke this morning to the news of the Taliban massacre of 141 (mostly children--many of them girls) at a school in Pakistan. What hideous evil and ignorance. Girls throughout the world are our greatest untapped resource. If we protect and educate them they will be healthier, stronger, much better at raising their own children, and they will bring much-needed stability and economic abundance to poor and strife-ridden areas of the world. That's…