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  • Under the Sun

    Under the Sun

    21st-century propaganda that's very hard for me to ingest. I wonder how long it would take me to become suicidal if I found myself trapped permanently in North Korea (no wonder it has the second highest suicide rate in the world), I would hate it so, so much.

  • No Home Movie

    No Home Movie


    Please take all cameras away from this filmmaker. They are lethal weapons in her hands. I died of boredom.

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  • Words and Pictures

    Words and Pictures


    I love this story...and the characters...and the incredibly smart script. This film hits deep and true notes for me, and touched me greatly. Forget 'Mr. Holland's Opus' or 'Dead Poet's Society'--this one transcends those and any other it might be categorized with. Very inspirational. Thank you, those of you who created this film. I hope it wins at least one well-deserved Oscar. Or, possibly more appropriately, next year's Nobel peace prize. I will definitely be watching 'Words and Pictures' again…

  • Birdman


    'Birdman' may well end up winning the best picture Oscar, I'm guessing. Not because it's the best film of 2014 (although there aren't a plethora of competitors--pickings are slim this year), but because this is an actor's film, and actors primarily comprise the body of voting Academy members, obviously. Since my now-adult kid was involved in quite a bit of professional theater from age 10 on up, this is a world we got to know pretty well. Actors are an…