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  • The Chicken Chronicles

    The Chicken Chronicles


    The more I watch it, the more I appreciate the filmmaking and the more I find Guttenberg's character an annoying, privileged and bratty teenager. This is a very interesting coming of age pic that shows its lead (Guttenberg) grappling with authority figures, women and the inherent urge to fight the powers that be.. it may all end up being an empty affair as it's mostly about Guttenberg trying to get laid... this fills in the raunchy requirement for teen sex…

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  • Glass



    Glass is such an impressive mess of a juggling act all power to Shymalan for making this film. His latest, is an inverted superhero blockbuster that shares the same necessity (as the blockbusters) to reach its climax. Shyamalan, would rather keep his audience guessing than serve us sensationalism on a silver platter. The climax of this film should blow his fans away... What he does in the final act is so ambitious and nearly awkward that I am reminded of…

  • 1900



    I am aware the second act has some issues but my heart tells me the sheer sweeping scope and Bertolucci's vision is so powerful and beautiful that the film defies "conventional criticism".
    It is film as a dream. Film as nostalgia. Film as politics. Film as epic allegory. Novecento is many things and the initial critical response affirms criticism in and of itself is a politically driven profession. There are scenes, and plenty of them that are more powerful than…