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  • Glass



    Glass is such an impressive mess of a juggling act I can't help but exclaim my respect and admiration for Shymalan for making this film. His latest, is an inverted superhero blockbuster that shares the same necessity (as the blockbusters) to reach its climax. Shyamalan, would rather subvert the genre and keep his audience guessing than serve us sensationalism on a silver platter. The climax of this film should blow his fans away... What he does in the final act…

  • The Demons

    The Demons


    Beautifully composed decadence. A fine film..

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    Would you sacrifice the love of your life for your dream?

  • Hereditary



    Who is Ari Aster and where did he come from?. It was unique seeing a keen eye work with this tired material. In his debut feature, he shows: A) How to make a shocking horror film using cheap tricks B) How to do it very well.
    The film is very dark and goes to extreme lengths to achieve the uneasy atmosphere that looms over every scene. It is a plunge into darkness. This territory, as covered in many genre classics,…