Fantastic Four

There is a moment in this movie, after the team get their respective powers, that's one of the most intense things I have seen in a superhero film. Reed Richards (Miles Teller) wakes up after the accident to see Johnny (Michael B Jordan) as a flaming corpse and Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) yelling in pain underneath rocks. He looks at his own body, sees it is stretched, and then passes out.

Whilst in confinement by the scientists and army hoping to understand what is going on, Richards can hear his friend Ben continue to yell out in pain. In almost Cronenbergian scenes of body horror he frees himself from his confinements to attempt to follow the scream by crawling the ventilation shaft. After dragging his new body through these pipes he finally sees his friend in his new form. He is horrified by him, by both their alien bodies, the bars of the ventilation shaft door act as a perfect metaphor for being trapped in your own body. Scared of what others might do to him, Richards panics, says goodbye to his friend, and leaves for a new life, hoping to not harm anyone...

Leave after that.